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One thing people, and especially women, like to do when the travel abroad is shop around, isn't it? But one is never too sure of buying the right item at the right place for the right price, right? Of course, in Rome, anybody can take a taxi to the area of the Spanish Steps, where the shops of the most famous and expensive designers are, but not everybody has that kind of money so, let us take you shopping where we shop!

Smart Shopping

We can take you shopping around Rome, introduce you to the secrets of Italian fashion, make you save money and have a lot of fun doing it! There are different ways this can be done: ● We can provide an expert shopper to walk around Rome with you and she'll go with you from shop to shop and help you purchase the most fashionable items at the best prices. ● If you don't want to walk, we can provide her with a golf cart and she'll drive you from shop to shop so you'll not get tired and you can keep your bags in the cart's trunk. ● If you already know where to go and what to buy, but you don't want to walk, we'll provide a cart and a driver who knows the city and will make it easier for you to find the places and maximize your time.

Barbara isn’t just the perfect cook, she’s a very elegant lady also and consequently the perfect shopping expert! She’s the kind that wouldn’t leave home if her shoes don’t match her purse and if they’re in that very color she feels like wearing that day! Do you think she spends a fortune in clothes? No way, she’s a housewife with two kids and she’s not rich! But she used to be in the clothing business, selling apparel, shoes and clothes, so when it comes to that matter, she really knows what she’s talking about You can tell Barbara what you’re interested in and she’ll take you to the best places where to buy it. It can be anything, shoes, bags, clothes knitwear, jewelry or even wine, don’t forget she’s a wine expert too! She’ll not take you to the large shopping malls in the outskirts of the city, she’ll walk you around the city center and take you to all the little boutiques she knows. When you walk around the streets of Rome with her you really feel like you are with a friend and she’s always full of advise. She’ll tell you what looks good on you and what doesn’t. If something in a shop that she knows sells cheaper at a different place, she’ll take you to the other place. She doesn’t have any interest in you buying from the shops, as a matter of fact, she likes to walk you around and show you the places, than you can go back and purchase what you like by yourself.

Barbara wouldn’t take you on a sightseeing tour of Rome by golf cart but, if you want to go shopping with her and you get tired walking, she’ll take you shopping in the golf cart! Going on a shopping tour by golf cart means avoiding getting sore feet and having a place where to keep the items you purchase. It also means being able to cover more ground in less time which translates into more shops! In addition, if at a certain point you’ll want to go back to the shop you went to right after you started your tour, it’ll not be as big of a problem as if you had to walk back to it. It could also happen that you asked Barbara for something special that may not be available in the area where you’ll be, maybe just outside the city center but yet too far to walk, if you use the golf cart for your shopping tour, than it wouldn’t be a problem. Just like it happens when we do our sightseeing tours, Barbara will drive to your place to meet you, if you’ll be staying in the city center, otherwise we’ll have to discuss about where it would be the best for you to meet Barbara.

When you go and shop around, you walk a lot and you have to carry the stuff you buy in your hands. So, not only you end up with sore feet, but sore hands too! All the walking makes you tired and, at times, you may give up the idea of going back to a shop where you saw something you liked, just  because it’s too much work. Another good thing about using the golf cart for your shopping tour, is that you wouldn’t be spending most of your time looking for the shop you want, your driver will find them! Rome is a maze of narrow streets where it’s very easy to get lost and finding a shop you may have read about in a magazine or that some friend told you about, could end up being a lot more difficult than you imagined and you’d end up walking a lot more than you planned to and wasting a lot of time. You’ll have nothing to worry about if you decide to hire us to take you on your shopping tour. We’ll provide a golf cart and a driver who knows the city and will take you just where you want to go. The driver may not know of a particular shop, but if you can give him an address, he’ll surely find it. Though the driver will not be a shopping expert like Barbara, he surely knows his city and can still help you shopping around. He’ll know where to take you if you’re looking for leather goods, shoes, apparel or whatever you’ll be hunting for.

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From 4 pax onwardPlease ask quotation
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